Snow plows lined up and ready

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It has been a busy day for road crews across Michiana.

Right here in South Bend, the street department has been getting its trucks ready for this winter weather.

We were there while workers were mixing together the salt and sand for the roads.

The city says some 70 people are working together from different department in preparation for the coming storm.

The trucks are filled, lined up, and ready to go.  The workers are too after having a few seasons off.

"Our equipment is up and running.  Our gys are ready to go.  They'll be complaining maybe later on in the winter that they want to see the sun again, but right now, theya re ready to go out and work," said John Pemberton, Jr., the South Bend Street Manager.

The city says to be extra cautious on the roads.  There could be black ice, so please take your time.

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