Snow trucked in for Thrill on the Hill

BUCHANAN, Mich. - Front Street in Buchanan underwent a complete transformation Friday. Crews trucked in snow in from all over the city and dumped it on the city’s busiest street.

“This is basically the opposite of what we normally do,” said Craig Miller, usually a Buchanan city plow driver. Miller couldn’t help but think about the irony in Friday’s work.
Six full-time Buchanan employees worked all day to cover the street with truckloads of snow. “Maybe 150 to 200 truck loads at least,” said Miller. Buchanan had been stockpiling snow for the entire month of January.
Bill Marx, Buchanan City Manager, said the 850 foot long street needed to be covered with eight-inches of snow and the weather wasn’t cooperating. “Mother Nature has not been kind to us,” said Marx.
By midday Friday, the city stockpiles of snow weren’t enough but Marx said it wasn’t too hard finding more. “It’s odd you know. People want us to take their snow away,” Marx said sarcastically. “We’ve been obliging.”
On Monday Miller will be back in the normal routine. “Easy thing is, at least we know where all the snow is at,” he said. “In one spot.” He’ll have to move all the snow back off the street.

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