Snowfall not on track

  As of December 6th, South Bend ( the official area recording sight) is 7.6" below average for seasonal snowfall. In fact in a rare turn of events, Fort Wayne is right now outpacing South Bend by 5.4". This is the largest such head start on record for Fort Wayne receiving measurable snow before South Bend sees any recorded snow (0.10"). The local National Weather Service office posted a good summary, of the previous 9 times this has happened, none of which have totaled this much.

Another interesting point of emphasis is Dec 17th is the latest recorded first snowfall date on record for South Bend, it is possible for that record to fall. There are at least a couple chances to see some snow over the next 10 days, but nothing right now is a "slam dunk" at least to register. 

Why is this happening? It all has to do with how the storm tracks have set up early in our snowy season. A matter of just of few miles ( less than 100) has kept most of Michiana snow free and prevented much of the lake effect from kicking on. Check out the attached photo album and compare at this year's "a-typical" storm tracks with those that bring the heavier snows to Michiana. The key is where the low ends up, positioning the cold air and moisture in the "right place".

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