Snowy sidewalks stirring up frustration

 Colder temperatures and snow are back in our forecast.

Some across Michiana are still trying to recover from last week's super snow storm. 

The rain fell on Sunday, but the snow still remains on these sidewalks and that will quickly get you a violation ticket from code enforcements.

One business owner is frustrated because of that lingering snow.   

 “Our day starts when the phone rings,” said Rod Danilewicz, a funeral director.

Danilewicz has been answering calls on this corner for almost 40 years.

“We've been here since 1978 and we are a professional embalming service for thirty funeral homes in the surrounding six counties,” said Danilewicz.

It is a non-stop business so the call of duty can come at any time.

“We obviously have to get out any hour of the day or night 24/7 especially if the death is in a home, the time there is imperative to move as fast as we can,” said Rod Danilewicz.

Lately, the simple task of coming and going at any time of day is not as simple.

Especially after several inches of snow fell onto his property. 

 “Basically, every storm we have to do three cleanings of the sidewalk,” said Danilewicz.

He said the first round of snow blowing is not the headache.

“They are blasting it over on the sidewalks and over to the lawns,” said the funeral director.

He showed me these pictures he took, and he says he will eventually have to pay for the mess the city is making.

“If someone falls on the mess the city left, they're not going to sue the city, they're going to sue me,” said Danilewicz.

As a 75-year old business owner, he continues to remove the snow time after time.

He hasn't been fined yet, but when the next snowfall comes he hopes the city will listen to his plea with one simple fix.

“Simple solution, slow down. Run your trucks 10 to 15 miles per hour,” said Rod Danilewicz.

The code enforcer has been issuing $30 citations to make sure these sidewalks are clear and those citations can come without warning.
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