Social Security allowing citizens to self-select gender, change current designation

The Social Security Administration is now offering citizens the ability to self-select the sex designation on their Social Security number record.

“The Social Security Administration’s Equity Action Plan includes a commitment to decrease administrative burdens and ensure people who identify as gender diverse or transgender have options in the Social Security Number card application process,” said Acting Commissioner Kijakazi. “This new policy allows people to self-select their sex in our records without needing to provide documentation of their sex designation.”

If you update your gender on your record, you will need to apply for a replacement SSN card.

You will need to show a current document to prove your identity, but you will not need documentation for your sex designation.

Social Security is unable to include non-binary or unspecified in the sex designation, but is exploring the possibility of an "X" sex designation in the application process in the future.

Social Security Number cards do not display gender.

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