Some must venture out on snow covered, unplowed roads

ELKHART, Ind. -- The snow storm that moved through Michiana Friday night into Saturday left nearly half a foot of snow in Elkhart.  

Emergency responders recommended people stay off the roads, but that was not an option for everyone.

Ryan Rienks, a Jimmy John's delivery driver, along with so many other delivery drivers, risks his life on days when the roads are covered with snow. 

"We are freaky fast, but not in this weather," Reinks explained.

For delivery drivers, the snow brings business, but it also brings dangerous conditions.

"I'm going no faster than 20 mph on the roads because the back of my car will start sliding out," Reinks said.

For most of Saturday, side streets in Elkhart were covered with snow and main roads were not much better.

A lot of people took matters into their own hands.

Jack Foltz, an Elkhart homeowner, was out shoveling snow.

"This is our second day back from Arizona, but hey this is Elkhart, Indiana you’ve got to expect it."

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