Some South Bend students will get new sidewalks

South Bend Community Schools start on August 17, just after construction on some new sidewalks is complete.

The sidewalks will allow Harrison and Coquillard Primary students to walk to school on smoother, handicap accessible ground. 

"We have about 90 students in our building that walk every day to school," Harrison principal Patty Karban said. 

The new sidewalks are thanks to the Safe Routes to Schools program.

It's funded by federal and local funds, and costs $1.5 million. 

New curbs will also be put in for bikes and handicap accessibility.

Blair Spotts, an engineer with the city, is in charge of the project.

"You'll see so many kids out, and instead of using the sidewalk, they're just walking in the street. so it definitely reinforces the need for this project and let's us know what we're doing was a worthwhile project," Spotts said. 

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