South Bend brings art to downtown

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Music, dance, and artwork are lining the streets of Downtown South Bend.

“It touches people’s hearts – art is always important,” says local artisan Sharon Teska.

Teska believes that having art in South Bend is a necessity to the town and to the people.

“It’s kind of like the cool breeze, you always need it,” says Teska.

Steve Toepp, a local multi-media artist believes that at any age, an artist brings out what a community is feeling.

“It’s important in any society, to have artists reflect what people are feeling and whats going on in the community,” says Toepp.

But what some artists think that South Bend lacks is a sense of culture.

“People that do see shows, it brings culture and it brings togetherness," says local artist Brian Boothe. "It brings people out for the community.”

Others believe that South Bend could add a little more art to it's town.

“I just think that brings people down," says Sara Bartlet of the South Bend Civic Theater. "Look how many people are here for the art beat, people love to be around art, and if it were here all the time, I think you would have more and more people down here.”

The artsits said art is all about the creativity that a single person can bring, and they all want to see more of it in South Bend.

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