South Bend Center for the Homeless expanding to 30 additional invites

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--The Center for the Homeless in downtown South Bend is opening its doors to an additional 30 people starting tonight.

The center is just one of four locations where  the homeless can seek shelter during winter months as part of the winter amnesty program.

Staff members say the program is a last ditch effort to keep people alive when the weather becomes harsh. At the center, 20 men, 10 women and 2 families who are living on the streets are allowed to spend the night indoors.

"Even though they choose not to live in a shelter they still choose to be alive, they still choose to be safe,” says Lisa Knox. “So we as a community, it's sort of our obligation to assist these folks that definitely need our help."

The winter amnesty program provides supplies the homeless like replacement clothes and outdoor winter-wear like boots, hats and gloves. Knox says they  are also in need of  towels, blankets and linens.

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