South Bend changes snow emergency parking rules

The South Bend Common Council has reworked the snow emergency parking rules and approved the changes Monday.

During a weather emergency, parking is related to date.

On even days, drivers must park on the side of the road with even addresses. On odd days, they have to park on the side of the street with odd addresses.

The council also revisited fines if residents didn't move their cars in time for the plows.

The policy was originally going to change the fee from $25 to $50, but the council didn't like the monetary increase.

Councilman Oliver Davis suggested the fines stay at $25.

Other council members agreed because they are just interested in getting cars out of the way, not in collecting fines.

So the fines will stay at $25.

The biggest concern now is to make sure this is enforced.

It hadn't been enforced for a couple years because the language was so vague and confusing. The council will go over how to better enforce this at their next meeting.

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