South Bend cheerleader shares message to local high schools

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Camron Frost is a junior this year at Saint Joseph High School in South Bend.

He’s also a cheerleader.

“When I first joined, a lot of the staff and the students were really proud of that,” Frost said. “They were supportive.”

One teacher continues to tell him how proud they are of him, every time they pass each other in the hallway, Frost said.

Frost has been cheering for a year now and is the only male cheerleader at his high school.

“I just want to let it be known, that all around the world, especially in college, that there are male cheerleaders. In high school, when we think of cheerleaders, we often just think of girls,” Frost said. “If we just let it known that guys could be cheerleaders, especially in South Bend, we could raise awareness about that.”

Frost has plans to continue cheering in college.

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