South Bend Civic Theatre production of Emma cancelled

NOW: South Bend Civic Theatre production of Emma cancelled

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. –The South Bend Civic Theatre originally planned indoor stage production of Emma, but because of the pandemic, they moved it to Leeper Park in South Bend.

“We are using microphones. So even if you’re a hundred yards away you’ll still have a wonderful experience,” Aaron Nichols, Executive Director of South Bend Civic Theatre said. “Beautiful costumes, props, the set pieces. We’re doing everything even though we’re here outside in this beautiful space.”

Nichols said they partnered with the South Bend Venues and Parks and Arts to bring the production show outside. The outside show gives the audience plenty of space to social distance. To ensure everyone is six feet apart; a woman will go around in a six-foot hoop skirt to make sure people are following guidelines.

“This space allows for distancing very easily because of the outdoor location, but also we are requiring masks we’re taking temperatures. So, we are doing our best to protect everyone, but still bring back something really special to our entire community,” Nichols said.

The event is free but ticketed. Those who have a ticket will get seating.

“All of the people are getting what we’re calling premium seats, which is seats that we put out actual chairs and sets that are six feet apart,” Nichols said. “These benches actually work wonderfully because of family units. if you’re quarantining together the four of you can sit right beside each other.”

Nichols mentioned Sunday, July 19 could be the last showing. The actors and crew are prepared to shut down the show if coronavirus cases continue to increase.

“We want to make sure that the community understands that we believe that public health is the main priority and we are willing and probably likely wind down our productions and see when we come back,” Nichols said.

The South Bend Civic Theatre will continue to hold virtual events for the community.  For more information and updates, you can visit

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