South Bend Code School open enrollment underway

It turns out you don't have to send your kid to MIT for them to make waves in the technology field. There's an opportunity right here in South Bend for local youth. 

The South Bend code school at Innovation park teaches kids everything that goes into the apps we use everyday. 

It starts with a 10 week app incubation period. That can extend out to 8 months of coding education. Languages like HTML and CSS are covered.

 It's supported through a mix of private, non profit and federal funds. Kids learn how to do software and apps. But they also learn valuable teamwork skills and get the rare chance to present to tech giants like Google and Facebook. 

"I think it's important because it's a skill everyone can use," said co-founder Alex Sejdinaj. "Whatever you're doing in the modern world someone needs tech. Every business is a tech company today."

Organizers say it's a viable career option that children can dive into early. 

"It creates opportunity basically," said  co-founder Alex Liggins. "We actually get a lot of kids that aren't interested in college or don't think they have the means. So they have this opportunity to still have a career and a profitable career at that."

Open enrollment is now underway for the program. Grants and scholarships are available. To get your kid involved, go to South Bend Code School's website. 

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