South Bend Common Council approves forwarding of the Kennedy Park Neighborhood

NOW: South Bend Common Council approves forwarding of the Kennedy Park Neighborhood

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- The South Bend Common Council voted unanimously Monday to adopt the Kennedy Park Neighborhood Plan.

After months of public engagement to gauge residents’ priorities for neighborhood improvements, home repairs, affordable housing, street lighting, and public space revitalization all came on top.

Goals for the neighborhood include walkable streets, improved overall aesthetics, accessibility to public transportation and local businesses.

"We hope the residents are excited about the plan and see it as a way to help move their neighborhood forward in a positive way," said Director of Planning for the City of South Bend, Tim Corcoran. "We've done a lot of engagement with residents, and we hope that they see many of their ideas in this plan and we hope to execute on those ideas."

The new plan is meant to last five to 20 years, and includes a variety of long and short-term projects.

Other specifics include revitalizing Lincoln Way West, adding a pool and other amenities to Kennedy Park, and improving the MLK Jr. Community Center. Linden Avenue will be developed to have a “main street” feel, and there will be improvements to public transportation and bicycle infrastructure.

Kennedy Park is a predominantly Black, young, and low-income neighborhood, according to city data. Over 80% of residents agree home repairs are a top priority.

In a letter, the president of the Kennedy Park Neighborhood Association supported the new plan, stating, “the association feels that the plan reflects priorities important to the neighborhood and its residnets.”

The full plan, as well as the adopted common council resolution, can be found here.

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