National Remembrance Day for Murder Victims honored by South Bend Common Council

NOW: National Remembrance Day for Murder Victims honored by South Bend Common Council


SOUTH BEND, Ind -- The city of South Bend made today memorable by honoring the lives of those who loss their life to violence.

The three-part event started at the County City building, with speakers like Mayor James Mueller, city Council members, and local leaders in the community, all in attendance to encourage a safer community.

"This is a very good thing that they are doing because it feels like it’s bringing the community together and making the community stronger too," said local music artist Henry Jenkins.

It was all hands on deck asking local artist to donate pieces in honor of the lives loss, while expressing their concern for gun violence.

One artist in particular honoring Brandon Williams, a victim from the mass shooting at Kelly's Pub back in 2019.

"I never knew him personally but there are a lot of people that I don’t know that I will still draw and it’s just my way of trying to reach out to the family to let them know that somebody else care’s and somebody else loves them," said local artist Brandon Sharpe.

Part two of the event included South Bend Clay high school students designing the t-shirts that were part of the wave in the wind display at Howard Park. 

Those shirts displaying the names of 146 victims of violence from January of 2011, until July 25th of this year.

"Today was very, very important to me. I loss my son in 2003, my only son, so that’s how the organization got started. So, it just helps me to know that people do care and are concerned and it just feels good to have people come out and support," said Founder and President of Mama's Against Violence Bobby Woods.

To end the event the city honored Brandon Williams who was shot and killed during the mass shooting two years ago. 

Kelly's pub contributed a bench to Williams, along with an engraved stone with his name.

"It’s amazing it’s an amazing feeling just to see how much my brother was loved and being acknowledged on this day," said Brandon's sister Tiara Williams.

As the community came together Saturday, some shared safe alternatives rather than using gun violence.

"We can pray every day, we can come together in meetings, but if we don’t actually implement something into our kids to let them know that we can communicate without a gun," said Sharpe.

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