South Bend Common Council looks to help search for school new superintendent

Common council members say a lot is at stake in the search for South Community School Corporation’s next superintendent.

The school board announced Monday they will start their search Wednesday, and now some of the city’s elected officials are looking to have a hand in selecting the next leader of the district.

The city says education is a driving factor in the success of the city, so selecting the next superintendent is a priority for them as well.

“We want a process that’s going to be community inclusive,” said Jay Caponigro, SBCSC School Board President.

With just five months left until current superintendent Carole Schmidt steps down, the district’s board of trustees will rely on help in finding a replacement.

 “On Wednesday, we invite the public to participate by listening to presentations that are going to be given by different representatives, search firms and the Indiana School Board Association,” said Caponigro.

That open invitation to the community has the interest of the city’s common council.

“The school corporation is developing the people that are going to be working and living within our city and that collaboration needs to be there,” said Tim Scott, Common Council President.

President Tim Scott reiterated the city’s stake in the district’s future Monday night during the common council meeting.

In a letter sent to the current superintendent and school board, the council volunteered at least one member to be a part of the search committee.

“For the people that have been on boards and have been through the hiring process, like myself, can lend their talents,” said Scott. “If the [school board] wants to take advantage of it, that’s fine.”

While the school board has not responded to this resource provided by the city just yet, they will be able to take advantage of the three presenting search firms looking to offer their services.

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