South Bend Common Council passes resolution about athlete GPAs

On Monday night the South Bend Common Council passed a resolution opposing the South Bend School Board’s proposal to lower the GPA requirements for athletes.

Before the meeting, Council Member Valerie Schey said an excuse she has heard is that schools have a hard time filling teams.

“Sports are really just a supplement to the academics and if the schools are having a hard time filling the teams because the academics are too high that's really not a concern that should call for a reduction in the academic standards," said Schey.

And that’s why the common council is fighting to keep GPA requirements high.

“We have to set the mark. We are our children's future. It's not the other way around," said Council member Henry Davis Jr.

And although South Bend school board member Bill Sniadecki agrees with the common council, he believes there's a possible compromise.

“I want to keep kids in school  so what I'm proposing is to keep it at 2.0 like it says in the policy but if you're under 2.0 you have to go to study tables," said Sniadecki.

The board's resolution is only a recommendation. The official decision is up to the South Bend school board in August.

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