SBCSC to launch new elementary athletic programs this summer


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The South Bend Community School Corporation is launching a new athletic program for all elementary school students from the second to fifth grade. 

A minimum of five programs will be offered this upcoming fall and will include a diverse range of athletic activities.

"After successfully piloting wrestling and basketball programs at its elementary schools, the district is building on this success by introducing soccer and track programs this summer and youth tackle football in the fall," said Assistant Director of Communications for the South Bend Community School Corporation Blair Yankey.

"These programs aim to encourage every kid to get involved in athletics or recreation to build a connection with coaches, mentors and schools, not just as student-athletes but also as students. At the same time, families transition from elementary to middle school."

Currently, with almost 600 students participating in elementary school programs, the district will provide every school at South Bend Schools with their program to help further create a sense of team spirit and healthy competition.

“We see athletics as a significant part of not just stabilizing, but ultimately assisting the district in growing enrollment,” said Milt Lee, Director of Community Programs and K-12 Athletics. “We believe we will achieve this goal by providing athletic opportunities to children at a young age and building strong relationships with our high school, middle school and elementary school students.”

The corporation's goal for this program is to help kids create connections as students with not only coaches and mentors, but also with other schools.

"By the time these children reach high school, they will have had ample practice to make certain things second nature to them," said Milt Lee, Director of Community Programs and K-12 Athletics. "This will enable them to teach more advanced concepts to others. Currently, we are at a disadvantage because we lack this level of experience."

The SBCSC says it looks forward to seeing the positive impact that this will generate in the community.  

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