South Bend Community Schools discuss altering their Code of Conduct

NOW: South Bend Community Schools discuss altering their Code of Conduct

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Members of the South Bend Community School Corporation Board of Trustees were invited to attend a Code of Conduct meeting.

In today’s meeting, the board discussed revisions to the current Code of Conduct during a meeting at Brown Community Learning Center.

The meeting comes after the school corporation reported that 67% of the referrals to the existing Code of Conduct were being made from minority students.

The main topics of discussion revolved around how the current conduct is being used and implemented in South Bend schools.

Trustees then went on to make points on how changes and adjustments in schools can begin to be applied.

Main points of discussion included targeting better conversations, repercussions and support to students are all a part of a new “restorative justice framework” the board members want to implement into each South Bend school.

A Brown Community Learning Center teacher stated, "There are recommendations on how to address those behaviors so it's not just the student and parent responsibility, but it's a collaborative opportunity for us to all work together.”

The teacher also announced, “We are currently doing professional development around the code of conduct with our staff and so everybody is starting to receive that information and use it in the most logical way possible."

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