South Bend Cubs debut new food options


There are lots of new foods to eat while watching the South Bend Cubs at Four Winds Field. The options range from lighter fare, gluten free to traditional ballpark treats.

Executive Chef Josh Farmer hopes you come to the game hungry.

"I'm excited for the new experience we're going to offer this year," Farmer said.

One of the new options - the deep fried mac and cheese sandwich

"I think is going to be one that touches a lot of people and that one is just unique," said Farmer.

For those in the mood for protein, try the all new porknado.

"It's actually a waffle cone that's been layered with BBQ pulled pork and mac and cheese, the same beer cheese mac and cheese, then topped with coleslaw, jalapeno, sour cream, BBQ," said Farmer.

For a healthier option, they have the turkey burger.

"Keeping people's dietary restrictions in mind, a little bit of healthier fare," said

You won't leave Four Winds on an empty stomach.

"Everything really plays into that game day experience," said Farmer.

These are just three of the new items this year.

Another is the Studebaker Special - which is made with donuts.

The new options are spread throughout the ballpark at different concession stands.

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