South Bend Cubs: Meet the Coach

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The brand new South Bend Cubs may be a Class A affiliate of a much bigger franchise, but that won't stop them from practicing with a pro mentality.

And new facilities this season at Four Winds Field give them everything they could possibly need to succeed, said Manager Jimmy Gonzalez.

"There is one comment yesterday where they said wow is this the big leagues? Is Wrigley a ball? Are we switching here? And so that gives them a sense of how nice the facilities they have here and what they're working with," said Gonzalez.

The new partnership connecting South Bend and Chicago could make it easier for talented guys to shoot up the ranks and make it to Wrigley.

"There's a handful of guys that could be in the big leagues real soon and they have the talent and again. It's a matter of them putting the thing that they have to do. They know what they have to do now they just have to get it done," said Gonzalez.
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