South Bend Cubs: Meet the Head Groundskeeper


Four Winds Field brought in a new grounds crew manager who has been working hard to make sure Opening Day for the South Bend Cubs goes off without a hitch.

"We're trying to make it almost like a little Wrigley, you know. If it plays anywhere close to Wrigley Field we'll be we'll be pretty happy with it," said Kyle Jakowitsch, Head Groundskeeper for the South Bend Cubs. "Couple years ago in college, I stumbled upon a part-time job working for the grounds crew at Wrigley Field. Then just kind of over the years turned into a real, real passion. I love working outside. I love the manual labor of it."

"I've had desk jobs in the past you know, just wasn't for me. I'd rather be outside you know using my hands, getting dirty," said Jakowitsch.

"This is in my opinion the best Minor League ballpark out there."

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