South Bend Cubs offer perks for VIP ticket holders on Opening Day

On Thursday April 9th, Four Winds Field will be packed with the first South Bend Cubs game. Over 5,000 people have purchased tickets for the game.

The team also made available 200 VIP tickets for the first game.

The tickets sold out in an hour and half.

Tom Adamson is one of those fans who stood in line and says he just had to be VIP for opening day. 

“Well once we heard they were available we came down and got in line and did what we had to do to make sure we could grab the VIP tickets. Ya get a special commemorative t-shirt, ya get some blankets, ya get hats. There are a multitude of perks,” says Adamson.   

The South Bend Cubs wanted fans to have a special experience celebrating opening day for the inaugural year of the South Bend Cubs. 

VIP ticket holders get buffet access, drink tickets, and a special commemorative t-shirt. The South Bend Cubs opening day t-shirts are one of a kind. Only 200 were made so VIP fans have a piece of South Bend Cub history.

VIP ticket holders will sit in the Picnic Garden Area. Management adds that these seats provide a complete view of the field, home plate and the brand new video board.
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