South Bend Cubs open Performance Center Patio

If you're going to Four Winds Field to see the South Bend Cubs, there's a new spot to watch the game - the Performance Center Patio. Insiders say it has the best seats in the house.

"It's almost like being on a rooftop Wrigley. So you kind of get that overhead view there. Great view," said Chris Hagstrom-Jones, Director of Creative Services and Promotions for the South Bend Cubs.

A great view with a great setup.

"You are going to have special Adirondack chairs. You have your own party table, high tops in the Cubs colors of course," said Hagstrom-Jones.

The new patio is large. It can accommodate 150 people. It is built for big groups.

"You do have to rent out the Performance Center Patio as a group," said Hagstrom-Jones.

Once your group is in, it's all star treatment.

"We'll have a special sound area just for them as well so they'll be able to hear the game," said Hagstrom-Jones. "There's a food area in there as well."

It has been months in the making.

Construction started in January, after a demand for more group options at the field.

"Party areas have been growing. We've been selling out of games in our party areas and people have been sitting in the lawn," said Hagstrom-Jones.

They quickly put together the new deck so your team can watch theirs.

"We just needed a new party area for people to come out here and enjoy with their family, enjoy with their group, and we couldn't have picked a better spot for it," said Hagstrom-Jones.

The new patio was inspired by the rooftop seats at Wrigley Field.

You can rent out the section even where there is no game.

Just go to the box office for more information.

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