South Bend Cubs pitcher's baseball bloodline runs all the way to HOF

NOW: South Bend Cubs pitcher’s baseball bloodline runs all the way to HOF


To most people, Harmon Killebrew is a Hall of Famer and a baseball legend, but for South Bend Cubs pitcher Chad Hockin, he's just grandpa.

“He was just like any other grandfather so that was cool, we would go visit him on family vacations,” Hockin said.

Beyond just every pitch and strikeout Hockin records, he always goes back to something his grandpa said is important to hold onto when playing baseball.

“You know whether you’re a high prospect or what not, just to stay humble no matter what,” Hockin said.

Killebrew's accolades include 573 total home runs with the Washington Senators and Minnesota Twins; something Hockin does admire from time to time.

“It was awesome, I don’t want to brag about him but he was a pretty good player,” Hockin said.

So, how would the Upland, California native pitch to his Hall of Fame grandpa if he could go back in time?

“I’d probably pitch him backwards, start off with some breaking balls then heaters but would definitely not throw inside,” Hockin said.

Hockin's connection to a legend is obvious but as he'll tell you, he's looking to make his own mark on the game he loves.

“Me and my brother, we just want to build our own name, but to me and my brother he was just like any other grandfather,” Hockin said.

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