South Bend Cubs search for new announcer

 The South Bend Cubs are kicking off their search for a new PA announcer.

From Nov. 5 through Dec 5, anyone older than 18 can submit their application online. Interested applicants should also submit a demo reel with their application giving officials a taste of what they could expect from the press box. The team will then pick their top 10 applicants, and they will be invited in to record a new five minute demo reel.

Then comes the fun part for fans: Fans can go online to YouTube, watch the demos and then vote on the voice they want to hear next season booming through Four Winds Field.

"With all the great talent in Michiana, we thought it best to open up the search process and see who could be the best candidate," said South Bend Cubs President, Joe Hart.

The new announcer will announce batters up at the plate, read sponsored announcements during games and could provide their voice for team promotional videos.

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