South Bend Cubs 'series' shirt showcases all things South Bend

NOW: South Bend Cubs ’series’ shirt showcases all things South Bend

Each year the South Bend Cubs bring in new merchandise to the Cubs Den team store. It has everything from clothing to toys, souvenirs and a spirit section for the little ones.

“Cubs fan through and through. Being able to buy and design for the Cubs does not get better than that but also about South Bend and making sure we are our own brand,” said Mary Lou Pallo, the merchandise manager.

Fans will find new clothing, but a new theme as well.

Each year the merchandise team selects a theme for their 'series' t-shirt. This year's series shirt has an added twist. It showcases all things South Bend.

“This year just focuses on South Bend, the region and area so that will be a really hot item a new trend for us,” Pallo said.

The store has not experienced any shortages on new products.

If you would like to shop the Cubs Den store online, click here, or shop at the store while attending a game.

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