South Bend Fire chief urges caution when using fire pits

Photo courtesy of Facebook/ South Bend Fire Department

SOUTH BEND, Ind.— South Bend Fire Department Chief Carl Buchanon is urging residents in the City of South Bend to use caution when around fire pits.

Landscapes and vegetation areas have become dry in the past week due to warm weather and lack of rain, the chief said, and a spark or ember from a fire could cause damage or injury.

Residential fire pits are authorized within the city during daylight hours only and should be extinguished by sunset, the fire department said.

The fire chief also shared these tips for when using a fire pit:

  • Do not burn any trash or leaves
  • Place fire pit at least 20 feet from any combustible structure
  • Do not leave fire unattended
  • Always have an extinguishing source such as a garden hose, extinguisher, or bucket of water on hand
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