South Bend fireworks regulations and safety tips

A South Bend man suffered injuries from a firework accident Friday night. Police say these incidents are unfortunately common over fourth of July weekend.

“Inevitably every year we seem to have a catastrophic event where someone looses part of a hand or an eye or something like that,” said Sgt. Kelly Waite, South Bend Police Department.

St. Joseph County Police Department responded to a fireworks incident on Prescott Ave on Friday night.

Chief Bill Thompson says 38-year-old Shannon Rock was trying to light off a fountain-type firework. The victim told police it “exploded.”

Rock ran across the street where neighbors called police.

They say an ambulance took him to the hospital where four of his fingers on his right hand had to be amputated.

County and city police want to remind those setting off fireworks to be extra cautious.

“A lot of it comes down to common sense. If your friend is telling you I wouldn’t do that, then you probably shouldn’t do that. Again, alcohol use a lot of times contributes to poor decisions when it comes to firework use,” said Sgt. Kelly Waite.

Click here for a list of safe spots to watch fireworks this weekend.

Fireworks Regulations from South Bend Police Department:

Consumer fireworks may be used within the corporate limits of the City of South Bend. The term "consumer firework" means: a small firework that is designed primarily to produce visible effects by combustion, and that is required to comply with the construction, chemical composition, and labeling regulations promulgated by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission under 16 CFR 1507. Consumer fireworks Include aerial devices, which include sky rockets, missile type rockets, helicopter or aerial spinners, roman candles, mines, and shells. Also included are ground audible devices such as firecrackers, salutes, and chasers.

The following items are not restricted; dipped sticks or wire sparklers, cylindrical fountains, cone fountains, illuminating torches, wheels, ground spinners, flitter sparklers, snakes or glow worms, smoke devices and trick noisemakers, which include: party poppers, booby traps, snappers, trick matches, cigarette loads and auto burglar alarms. 

No person may use, ignite or discharge consumer fireworks within the corporate limits of the City of South Bend except during the following times: between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on June 29, 30, July 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight on July 4. 

No person may use, ignite, or discharge consumer fireworks on any public street or in any public park within the corporate limits of the City of South Bend at any time.

Any person found in violation of this ordinance shall be subject to the following penalties: One hundred dollars ($100.00) for a first offense, two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) for a second and five hundred dollars ($500.00) for a third offense and every subsequent. A citation for a violation shall be issued to the responsible party. A responsible party is defined as the person shown to have exclusive possession of the property. For complete details of the city's fireworks ordinance click here.

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