South Bend grocery store preparing for Sunday's big game

NOW: South Bend grocery store preparing for Sunday’s big game

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The owner of Bamber’s Food Market in South Bend says the Super Bowl always brings in extra business but his store is ready to handle it.

The owner, Gene Bamber, spoke to ABC57 about how he takes pride in providing customers with their Super Bowl treats.

He also says that each year prepares him a little better for the next Super Bowl!

“Always looking at past years as to what we did and kind of give it by that and talking to people leading up to the game — knowing what they’re going to do,” Bamber said.

Bamber’s is closed on Sundays so costumers are advised to get their shopping done before then!

Bamber’s offer a variety of snacks, including meat balls, lasagna, cannoli and much more!

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