South Bend Heritage Foundation hosts affordable homeownership info night

NOW: South Bend Heritage Foundation hosts affordable homeownership info night

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The South Bend Heritage Foundation, in partnership with the Northeast Neighborhood Revitalization Organization (NNRO), is building houses for individuals with low-to moderate income, inspiring others to join in. 

Wednesday, the South Bend Heritage Foundation hosted an informational night, with six representatives, including 1st Source Bank and Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate, teaching how to get affordable housing and introducing over 50 community members in attendance to programs that help. 

Kristin Givens, the Director of Marketing and Strategy and the Director of Homeownership at South Bend Heritage Foundation, says that despite the growing change in the housing markets, the South Bend Heritage Foundation is dedicated to fight for affordable housing. 

"So as long as people are aware of these resources, then it really helps them be able to kind of see homeownership as an option for themselves," she said. 

South Bend resident James Ison was grateful for the information, saying homeownership is like an interview, you need to know what to expect. 

"Networking is what we all should be wanting," he said. "This is where we know where they can if they can't help us here. They can show us where we can get help. That's a big deal."

Despite homeownership hurdles in the city, many financial institutions have started to offer up different programs for minorities.

"If homeownership is a dream for you, and it's something that you would like to pursue, then you should do everything in your power to try to make that happen for yourself," said Givens. 

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