South Bend International Airport prepared for winter weather

NOW: South Bend International Airport prepared for winter weather

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The constant snow in Michiana is proving to impact travel, on some fronts.

Two flights were cancelled from the South Bend International Airport, Thursday morning.

With the exception of a few slight delays, everything at the airport was up and running.

"Winter weather happens every year here in South Bend," says Julie Curtis. "So our crews are ready to keep those runways and taxiways open and clear for ingoing and outgoing flights."

Curtis is the Director of Marketing and Development for the airport, and says, it was a fairly routine day, because crews knew what to do.

"We have a crew of about 15 individuals who work diligently," she explains. "They start working from when the first snowflake falls, until the last snowflake stops, and then even after that, because of blowing and drifting.

You may think of the runways like roads, and that salt is the perfect solution.

But not for airports. 

"You cannot use salt on a runway or taxiways, because salt can corrode the aircraft," says Curtis. 

Lots of equipment and lots of hard work.

Crews use a big piece of equipment with a broom attached, sand, and plows to make sure everything is clear, and that planes can take off and land safely.

Curtis advises to check in with your direct airline, before heading out to the airport. 

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