South Bend locals react to proposed ordinance

Some members of the South Bend Common Council are at work to make South Bend workplaces smoke free. If the Comprehensive Clean Air Ordinance passes, it will impact bars, bingo and gaming facilities, and hotels to name a few. Some people are not happy about it.

Over the weekend, a petition was started online and in a couple days it has gained close to 350 supporters.

Those against the proposal are fearful that if it passes it will negatively impact small businesses that allow smoking inside.

South Bend Common Council Member Gavin Ferlic sponsored the ordinance and believes it is an issue of public health and that the ordinance will cut down on second hand smoke to employees.

There are still about 70 businesses within the city that allow for smoking inside. The proposal is supported by Smoke Free St. Joe

Businesses have also written letter to the Common Council voicing concerns. The issue is scheduled to be voted on March 28th.

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