South Bend mayoral candidate is a suspect in vehicle theft

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- South Bend mayoral candidate, Will Smith, is a suspect in a vehicle theft involving his own car according to the Starke County Sheriff .

South Bend Police said that a car towed from a house on the 700 block of Whitehall Drive was the same one that was reported stolen from an impound lot in Starke County.

Officials say the car was repossessed by the bank and on February 13, it was reported stolen from the impound lot it where it was being held.

South Bend Police located the vehicle in question on February 15. The vehicle was found strapped inside the garage of the Whitehall Drive home.

South Bend mayoral candidate, Will Smith, lives at a home on the 700 block of Whitehall Drive. Neighbors confirm that they saw a vehicle being towed from the home in question. 

Smith was scheduled to appear on ABC57’s morning show on February 15 but cancelled. 

We have reached out to Smith for comment but he has not responded.

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