South Bend Museum of Art welcomes Instagram photos in new exhibit

The South Bend Museum of Art is ready to put Instagram on display.

“It’s something that we can all connect to because we all use it,” museum curator Mark Rospenda said.

The museum is accepting submissions through Instagram for their new exhibit.

There categories are portrait, pets, landscape, still life and work.

All one must do to apply is post a photo on Instagram with a hashtag in the caption of #SBMA and the category they wish to be in.

For example, a submission for the pets category would read, #SBMAPets.

The high-tech Instagram photos will be displayed alongside some of the world’s oldest photographs.

“It’s an exhibition of daguerreotype,” Rospenda said,

Daguerreotype is the original photography style from the 1800s.

“It took a lot of specialized equipment and chemicals, toxic chemicals, so you really needed to know your stuff to be able to do it,” Rospenda said.

Today, anyone can take and edit a photo.

“I think everybody can be an artist and things like Snapchat, Instagram, they do offer some creative tools,” Rospenda said.

Those tools will be put to the test when the display goes up, and a new generation of photographers can display their work alongside the first generation.

Submissions are due October 16.

The exhibit opens October 22.

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