South Bend native Brett Banasiewicz returns to competition

South Bend BMX skate park The Kitchen held a competition over the weekend that included 35 professional riders from all over the world.

South Bend native Brett Banasiewicz returned to competition at this event.

Over two years ago, Brett was one of the best young professional BMX riders in the world.

After a terrible crash during practice, he suffered a head injury in 2012. 

Now, after years of recovery, he's hitting the course again. 

While Brett did finish in the top ten overall, he did not make it to the podium this time. 

"Even though he didn't make it to the podium this time, he finished first in everyone's hearts," said Lisa Banasiewicz, Brett's mother.

Colton Walker, a professional rider from Minnesota, finished in first place and donated his $1,000 prize to The Kitchen.

You can visit if you'd like to help The Kitchen. 
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