South Bend non-profit skate park says it needs help to survive

The Kitchen Skate park has been helping area kids ignite their passion for BMX sports. But now they say they are at risk of closing their doors for good. 

They Kitchen has finally reached non-profit status, so they are working on some grants. But that could take awhile, and they have an immediate need for donations if they hope to survive. 

It's been a passion project of Local BMX pro Brett Banasiewicz. Him and his family have been fighting to keep this skate park open for years.

They say they need $15,000 dollars to continue operations, and are hoping the community and local businesses can lend a hand.

"The funds are very tight," said Lisa Banasiewicz. "We need to bring in some major cash to keep the place open. It's sad. Brett lost all his sponsors but we have not lost our spirit. We have not lost our hope."

Part of the proceeds will go toward educational programs for underprivileged kids, focusing on helmet safety and extreme sports training. 

They've set up a go fund me account for the Kitchen. If you'd like to donate you can do so here.

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