South Bend on track for least snowy winter on record

NOW: South Bend on track for least snowy winter on record

South Bend, IND -- South Bend is on track to be the least snowy winter on record.

Throughout December, January, and February, South Bend normally has 52.9 inches of snow. As of February 4th, South Bend has only had 13.5 inches of snow. We are 39.4 inches below normal snowfall value.

Currently, the record for least amount of winter snowfall is the 1982-1983 season, with only 20.1 inches of snow. If we see less than 6.6 inches of snow by the end of this month, this season will set a new record.

Even if we do not set the record, we will likely not make the normal amount of snow for the season. From the period of February 5th through February 28th, the most snow ever recorded was 14.0 inches in 1900. It is unlikely that we surpass this record, let alone reach 39.4 inches of snow to reach the winter normal value. Even with a leap day this year, it's still unlikely.

The snowiest February ever was in 2015 with 36.4 inches. We would need three inches more than that record value in order to reach the normal snowfall for the season. Given the trend so far, it doesn't seem likely that we will suddenly break the maximum snowfall.

The snow Wednesday night and Thursday morning will help determine if we set the record by staying below 6.6 inches through the end of February.

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