South Bend opens door to homeless veterans

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Hundreds of people came out to welcome homeless veterans into their new home on Michigan Street in South Bend. The Robert L. Miller, Sr. Veteran's Center was dedicated at 11:11 a.m. on Friday.

Local students, community members, and veterans walked through the home Friday morning that can house 25 veterans.

The old printing building was completely redone. Arnold Willis is a member of the Carpenter’s Hands through Granger Community Church and volunteered his time to the project.
"It’s hard to believe what it was to what it is now. It was basically just a shell of a building and now it's a livable facility for twenty five people,” said Willis.
Each room is set up like a dorm room with three beds and three nightstands.
For homeless veterans like, Eliberto Quiroz, they’re just happy to have some where to make a fresh start.
“I wouldn't have another place to start from and this gives me a good place to start and hopefully I can coax other veterans to come here to help themselves get reestablished in life and they can get the same opportunity that I am,” said Quiroz.
There were plenty of well-known people on hand to dedicate the building including Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, former Indiana Governor Joe Kernan, founder Robert L. Miller, Mayor Steve Luecke, Mayor-elect Pete Buttigieg.

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