South Bend Police Department responds to Dallas attack

South Bend Police say they are not taking any extra precautions after the Dallas attack on police officers.  They are maintaining a two officer per call policy, and reinforcing that police should be extra aware of their surroundings to maintain safety. 

Sgt. Martin Mullins says that for him, and the officers he's spoken to, their hearts are going out to the Dallas community.  He adds, "it's a sad situation when incidents like this occur...especially when they're perpetrated by people, out of hatred towards other people." 

Veteran officers are speaking with rookies to help them understand the situation and mentally prepare for the day's activities.  

Sgt. Mullins says that the South Bend community has a fairly good relationship with the police force, but that it is nice, especially in times like this, for the support to be heard.  He says, "Just when citizens recognize when officers do well...officers appreciate when citizens appreciate their work that we do for them."   

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