South Bend Police hope athletic camps build bridges

The South Bend Police Athletic League kicks off this summer. The department hopes it can curb violence in the area and bridge their divide with the community. 

SBPD says the key component in this is communication. 

The Police Athletic League is designed to help improve police relations with kids in the area. 

Each sports activity is run by actual officers that kids will see out at schools or in the neighborhood. The league also gets parents acquainted with officers. 

Police say opening those lines of communication is key to keeping kids out of trouble.

"We don't do advanced registration," said Sgt. David Herron. "We do it where the parents have to see who is around their kids. When the parents come out they get to talk with the officers and get to know the officers, ultimately they build that trust with the officers."

The police athletic league is open to kids 7 and up. Kids can play sports like football, tennis and boxing. It starts June 22. For more information you can contact South Bend Police. 

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