South Bend police to get new body and vehicle cameras

NOW: South Bend police to get new body and vehicle cameras

A major approval for the city was just granted. The South Bend Police Department got the green light from The Board Tuesday morning to buy body cameras and replace current vehicle cameras. The department says they’re looking to buy about 340 total. The department says it’s something they’ve been researching for the past 3 years now.

“I love the fact that now, we as people can see what you’re doing. It’s long past due,” said Albert Johnson, a South Bend native.

Johnson says he was born and raised in South Bend but moved away to join the military and then relocated for over 3 decades. But he says when he returned just two years ago, South Bend was not the way he left it.

“I come back, and the crime… I mean it done went up a thousand percent,” said Johnson.

Johnson says he’s heard about glitches happening with body cameras before.

“The thing is, do they have them on? Do they work,” said Johnson.

But he says he has high hopes for what they could potentially do to help the city.

“With these body cams, you can see it, you can hear it. You can’t beat it”

And as a relative of a former South Bend police officer, Johnson says there’s a word of advice for both parties.

“My brother was a cop way back in the 70’s. You cannot deny your true actions. You’re on camera, control yourself, control your actions, don’t make a case for yourself,” said Johnson.

The department will continue looking for where to buy these body cameras and then those company proposals will have to be approved in September by The Board.

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