South Bend preps for the Best Week Ever

NOW: South Bend preps for the Best Week Ever


South Bend’s “Best Week Ever” could be the best week for business.

Officials are hoping to build on the success of SB150 through seven days’ worth of events hosted by an army of different organizations.

“There’s opportunity and people have a desire for something new and that’s kind of how this idea for Best Week Ever happened,” said Jonathan Jones, project manager for South Bend Venues, Parks & Arts.

This event will be an exciting new opportunity to fill the streets of South Bend, come May.

One returning fan favorite attraction is hoping to add to the excitement.

“We’re going to have more bands this year, like 70 plus I believe and we’re trying to reach more into the local market,” said Kevin Hatcher, marketing chair for the Riverlights Music Festival.

The Riverlights Music Festival is one a handful of signature events that’s sure to bring more locals to downtown.

“We’re going to have local food, local vendors, local artists from the area that are going to be involved with this,” said Tyler Foley, marketing coordinator for the Riverlights Music Festival.

While the festival is a large marquee event, there will be quite a few smaller happenings around town as well.

“We’re going to get some students involved, and possibly provide some free haircuts, manicure, pedicures whatever,” said Kintae Lark, owner of Inspiration Salon.

Lark and his team will host a pop up shop during the week.

He knows all too well just how good for business these kind of events can be.

“Hundreds of people, rolling back and forth downtown,” said Lark.

Hundreds of different people, reflected in the diversity of events that will make up the Best Week Ever.

“When you have an event like this and people come for all different territories and areas for different events and celebrations, that makes a world of difference,” said Lark.

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