South Bend ranks bottom 20 in well-being poll

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The latest well-being rankings from Gallup and Healthways are in. South Bend ranked 174 out of 189 cities. But many local South Bend residents don't agree with the rankings.

The poll was based on several factors including emotional health, physical health, and life evaluation.

Many locals didn't agree with the results.

"I think that poll needs to be done a little better," said Julian Alcantar.

"Maybe they only interviewed people who weren't happy and not a lot of positive people," said Lindsay Vest.

In total, the company that specializes in research interviewed nearly 700 people from South Bend and Mishawaka.

The results, South Bend ranked 174 out of 189 cities. That's in the bottom 20 of all the cities on the list across our country.

The company behind the survey, Gallup Healthways, says they do it so communities can understand the factors they need to improve to make themselves better.

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