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South Bend reconsiders pit bull rules

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The city of South Bend is reconsidering its pet regulations and will reconsider the restrictions on owners of pit bulls, which are deemed dangerous dogs in the city.

In 2011, pit bulls were ranked one of the top ten most popular pets in Indiana.

South Bend has created laws specifically pertaining to the ownership of the pit bull.

"As the way the ordinance is written now, if you have a dog that's deemed a pit bull, it's automatically deemed a dangerous dog in the city of South Bend," said Mark Harmon, Director of South Bend Animal Care and Control.

Harmon is also a member of the special committee that will help update the city's pet laws.

"The committee was put together to very specifically modernize and review the breed specific legislation. So the pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs specifically," said Harmon.

The committee was formed in April by Common Council member Valerie Schey.

"One of her main goals when she was running for city council was to change this and to modernize it. Make it a little more applicable to South Bend," said Harmon.

The committee is hoping to eliminate laws that require pit bull owners to pay more for licensing and insurance.

They believe laws like this make it harder for pit bulls to get adopted and more likely to be put down.

Council member Dr. Fred Ferlic said he agrees with the city's current pit bull ordinance.

He says that because pit bulls have the potential to be dangerous, they should be considered just that.

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