South Bend Record Show back for another year amid pandemic

NOW: South Bend Record Show back for another year amid pandemic

ST.JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. –The largest one-day sale of recorded music in Michiana is back again, with something for all music lovers!

The show has been going on for years in South Bend, and dealers tell ABC57 News it's more than just selling records, it's meeting the people that bring them back to the record show year after year.

“I love interacting with the people. I’ve always been a people person, you know and it's been great,” Rodney Branham, a record dealer from Michigan said.

Sunday, over 30 dealers came from seven states to the South Bend Record Show, each bringing with them a large collection of records, vinyl, CDs, and memorabilia.

For owner Jeremy Bonfiglio, the South Bend Record Show is an experience full of comradery with both the dealers and the customers and their shared love of music.

“For us dealers, there’s nothing better than seeing somebody who has been looking for a long time, find something that they really want to play,” said Bonfiglio. “It makes their day, it makes our day.”

Ken Price, who's been doing record shows for over 30-years, enjoys chatting with customers about the different styles of music. He said he likes finding out what his customers enjoy listening to. That way, he can help them find whatever they are looking for.

“Some people have a want list, and I see if something I do have, and I direct them to the right section,” said Price. “Or if they’re looking for a specific genre, I’ll just get them to the right area to look at.”

Bonfiglio said he has seen an increase in customers coming out to the record show. Something he hopes will continue.

The next record show is scheduled for June 6 at the Ramada by Wyndham.

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