South Bend releases plans for reliable EV charging network

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- On Wednesday the city of South Bend released its Community Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Plan which includes more equitable access to charging stations.

City officials say South Bend is prepared to take full advantage of upcoming federal grant opportunities to support the development of a convenient and reliable charging network, which will help the city speed up the process of being more welcoming to EVs.

“South Bend is ready to build the infrastructure necessary for our transition to electric vehicles,” said Mayor James Mueller. “I thank every community member who contributed to this Plan for working together toward our clean energy future.”

The transition from vehicles that burn fossil fuels to those that run on renewable electricity supports a cleaner transportation system will enable South Bend to address climate change in alignment with its Climate Action Plan, Carbon Neutral 2050.

"The plan identifies energy and transportation focused strategies to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 and additionally improve air quality," city officials said. "Since emissions associated with passenger vehicles make up approximately 20 percent of community emissions, EV adoption will play a critical role in meeting community goals."

For more information or to view the EV plan in its entirety, visit

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