South Bend residents to host town hall between youth and police

Around the country, the relationship between police and the neighborhoods they are sworn to protect are at a boiling point. A coalition of South Bend residents hopes to cool any heated feelings here locally with the help of South Bend police.

A community conversation happening Thursday night is geared toward bridging the divide between police and the South Bend community, especially young people.

It's called "We The Community," designed as a series of discussions to unite South Bend. 

"Young America believes the police are their biggest enemy," Shane Williams-Inez. "We have to come together as a community, demand that the community works for all of us, and we have to educate and discuss and come up with solid solutions to fix the problems that are affecting us as people."

The overall goal is to build understanding. South Bend police officers will participate in the discussion. A meet and greet will take place. And they'll be educating people on what to do when you have a police encounter. 

"It broadens perspectives," said Zachary Widmoyer. "It really gets people thinking about it. Especially if they hear it from law enforcement themselves. Then they really understand then."

The town hall takes place at the Northwest Community Center on Portage Avenue at 7 p.m. 

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