South Bend schools to close March 17

NOW: South Bend schools to close March 17

The South Bend Community School Corporation will close its schools for at least two weeks beginning March 17.

Schools will be open Monday, March 16 to prep for two weeks of e-learning. The district said it will distribute workbooks, literature books and chromebooks to students.

“We realize and acknowledge the significant impact this decision will have on our students and families,” said Superintendent Dr. Todd Cummings. “For our parents and caregivers who have to report to work, or for those who need assistance from our programs, these factors and many others were weighed heavily against our decision to close.”

Cummings said the District is planning to help students have acces to the internet so that all students can adequately participate in the e-learning days.

"We are concerned about that, and so on our website we have a heat map of all the hotspots available in the city," Cummings said. "We're also going to deploy the 20 buses that we have with Wi-Fi on them so that we're able to have Wi-Fi in neighborhoods, and then we're also going to rely on Comcast to help support internet access as well."

Please visit the South Bend schools website for further information.

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