South Bend shows support for Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Today is March 1st - the beginning of Kidney Cancer Awareness Month.

It’s a month dedicated to recognizing the efforts of patients, families, healthcare professionals, and anyone who helps advocate for those impacted.

Around 600,000 people are impacted by kidney cancer here in the U.S., and there have already been about 82,000 new cases in 2023 so far.

Things like smoking, obesity or high blood pressure are all considered risk factors for kidney cancer.

Kidney cancer is twice as common in men than women and the average age for someone to be diagnosed is typically 64, however it can also affect children and people of all ages.

The Kidney Cancer Association is encouraging cities to ‘orange up’ by illuminating a building or landmark with orange lights to help raise awareness.

The city of South Bend will join in the movement by lighting the River Lights Plaza up with orange lights on Saturday, March 4th.

Visit the Kidney Cancer Association’s website to learn more about the impacts of kidney cancer, Kidney Cancer Awareness Month and more.

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